VV staff Feb 2016

About Us

What is Valley Vision?

We are a regional leadership organization.  We were formed over 20-years ago with a simple purpose to improve people's lives. We aren't afraid of risking failure on the path to success.  We dream big.  And act bigger.  To transform our communities.  To do something that matters. 

Okay, like that, but what does Valley Vision actually do?

We do three things exceptionally well.  The first is the ability to deliver independent, unbiased, trusted research and factual reports to inform decision-making.  The second is our unique ability to design and drive multi-stakeholder initiatives led by people in business, government, education and community organizations that overcome complex problems that no single group can tackle alone.  Problems like access to healthcare, healthy food, or the Internet...or cleaning the air, increasing local water supplies, or reducing our carbon footprint...or helping business and government leaders build the next economy we all want.  The third is access to a set of powerful leadership networks that starts with our own 30-member VIP board and expands out to encompass over 6,000 leaders across California with whom we work. 

Who funds you?

Governments of all sizes and types, utilities, universities, local and state foundations, local businesses, and other nonnprofits.  Why, you ask?  Because they know that big regional problems require a trusted third-party to bring people and groups together.  We have proven to them over the past 20-years that we have the talent to deliver results. 

How are you different from other nonprofit groups?

Valley Vision is built from the ground up as a social enterprise.  There are no membership fees.  Everyone takes part.  There are no annual dues.  Our clients invest in us to get things done.  Where other groups focus on business, community needs, or the environment, Valley Vision focuses on all three at the same time.  As a triple-bottom-line leadership organization, we know that innovation and value creation is sparked when you understand how these three sectors intersect. 

What does a typical Valley Vision project look like?

We’re not afraid of a challenge.  We know that complex regional issues and game-changing community opportunities demand new thinking and a new way of making things happen.  But certain approaches are standard whether we’re trying to improve air quality or understand ways to unlock the region's entreprenuerial energies. 

We start with research. What are the facts that all partners can agree to and will inform action?  We bring the most relevant information to the table.  We’ve mastered key informant interviews, focus groups, literature reviews, best practice searches, and small and large group surveys.  Most importantly, we can make sense of the findings.

We believe that solutions have many authors.  We help different people who individually understand a particular issue work together to collectively design a new and better future.  Creating strong partnerships takes time and effort, but the results speak for themselves.

We want to see concrete results.  Most often we’re working on outcomes that take time to go from intention to reality, but Valley Vision creates the commitment, relationships and ways to track progress that keep our partners engaged and moving toward the ultimate destination.

We use our hearts and minds.  The projects we tackle are serious and need focused attention, but we balance that with fun and a unique design approach that enables everyone to apply all of their talents.  Valley Vision projects attract smart, fun and passionate people.  

We work across the whole region.  Some issues like job growth, transportation, air quality, or economic development (to name a few) can only be dealt with at a metropolitan scale.  A piecemeal solution won't work.  In fact, most of the major issues that influence our quality of life require a shared vision and coordinated action to make a difference.  That's where we come in.  Want to learn more?