Work With Us

How do projects begin?

Either we call you, or you call us.

The Valley Vision volunteer board of directors is a top-notch group of leaders deeply connected to the Sacramento region - our home base. Together the board identifies a small number of priority issues each year that need new research, need improved collaboration, need leadership... need Valley Vision. 

The organization designs a scope of work and proactively seeks funders and partners to make the project happen. You may be on our list of people who can help us uncover a breakthrough solution. 

On the flip side, Valley Vision often serves as a nonprofit consultancy, responding to in-bound requests for our expertise. Organizations, public and private, who are working to tackle challenges affecting communities across the region and state have asked us to apply the Valley Vision method.

We develop a work plan to meet their needs and stay true to our core values - unbiased research, inclusive outreach, collaborative planning, shared leadership, and a commitment to collective impact. We work together with you as a team to chart a new path forward.