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Another Reason Why Building Walls is a Bad Idea

Blog: Opinion
Feb 01, 2017
We take the long view at Valley Vision . Not just to make sure we anticipate how our actions today will impact us all in 5, 10 or 20 years, but so that we can anticipate the future and plan for it today. The irony of our age is that while we all experience the rapid disruptive shifts of technology, economy and environment daily, our social institutions move and change much slower. We have to plan...+ Read more

AgPlus Rural Business Workshops Are Making the Connection

Blog: Project Update
Jan 31, 2017
Valley Vision, through a grant from USDA Rural Development, is on track to connect many rural food and ag businesses in our region with resources to help them grow and thrive. We are at the halfway point in our AgPlus project to hold four workshops throughout the Capital region, the goal of which is to connect these businesses with financing information and business development opportunities. The...+ Read more
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Celebrating Leadership in a Changing Region

Jan 25, 2017
Our region is changing. The Sacramento region is seeing a new cast of leaders take on a wide variety of new roles. The issues that these leaders must address are changing as well. Our federal government is adopting a new, different set of priorities. One constant in the midst of this change is that we are a region of remarkable people doing extraordinary things – and this is worth honoring...+ Read more

For Trump, We Should Prove, Not Provoke

Blog: Opinion
Jan 18, 2017
Sacramento was the host region for the 5th Annual California Economic Summit in December. Serving as co-chair, I was part of a number of behind-the-scenes meetings, including a small dinner featuring a talk by Jim Brulte , the chair of the California Republican Party, and the former Senate GOP leader. In a decidedly blue state, it was a cagey move to learn from one of the smartest GOP strategists...+ Read more

Enough of the Disruption. It’s Time We Act As One Region

Blog: Opinion
Jan 12, 2017
Last week six of Valley Vision’s former board chairmen and women gave us t heir opinions on what we should work on in 2017 as one region. Reducing homelessness, providing mental health support, growing jobs, and re-thinking government approaches to community reinvestment topped their list. Sage advice. To formulate our 2017 work plan, we asked the same question of the 30 board leaders that guide...+ Read more
valley vision legacy feast 2016 sacramento california awards nonprofit equity

2017 Priorities: Jobs, Government Innovation, and Teamwork

Blog: Opinion
Jan 05, 2017
We know what to do, and we have for a while – in 2017 we must execute What are the major issues facing our region this year? In the last weeks I have reached out to some well-known leaders who have left their imprint on the Sacramento Region. These leaders, who also happen to be men and women who have led Valley Vision’s 30-member Board through some of our region’s most difficult times, shared...+ Read more
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Air Quality, Affordable Housing & Sustainable Communities

Blog: Project Update
Dec 23, 2016
On December 2, the topic of the final Cleaner Air Partnership quarterly luncheon of 2016 centered on Air Quality, Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities. The event was hosted by the Sacramento Association of REALTORS® and held at their offices on Howe Avenue. Kate White , deputy secretary of environmental policy and housing coordination with the California State Transportation Agency,...+ Read more
Image of Sacramento City Council Member Eric Guerra and Valley Vision CEO Bill Mueller

Cleaner Air Partnership: 2016 in ReCAP

Blog: Project Update
Dec 23, 2016
Cleaner Air Partnership: 2016 ReCAP The past year saw the Cleaner Air Partnership (CAP) continue the quest for cleaner air across California’s Capital Region. A joint initiative of Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails, the Metro Chamber of Commerce, and Valley Vision , the Cleaner Air Partnership has worked for the past 30 years to support measures that improve air quality, protect...+ Read more
valley vision next economy 2016 chamber of commerce sacramento business nexted board

Going Beyond "Random Acts of Excellence"

Blog: Project Update
Dec 15, 2016
December 14 marked the close of the California Economic Summit , an audacious public policy experiment that is bringing together leaders from the Redwood coast down to San Diego to listen, learn and work together. Why audacious? First, the Summit runs counter to the current fashion that a single leader, plain speaking with a bold vision, is sufficient to lead in a time of turbulence. This is pure...+ Read more

What Are You Hopeful for in 2017?

Blog: Randomness
Dec 13, 2016
Happy Holidays, folks! The new year is almost upon us - read on for thoughts, predictions, and wishes on what Valley Vision staff hope will come to pass in 2017. Jennifer Romero : “I am hopeful that my new adventure in school leads me to great things!” Bill Mueller : “Understanding.” Samantha Minor : “I am hopeful for new opportunities and more adventures!” Christine Ault : “I’m hopeful that...+ Read more