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Tara Thronson is the Project Manager of the Connected Capital Area Broadband Consortium and the Cleaner Air Partnership - Dressed as Broadband as a Green Strategy

It’s Not Easy Being Green – But Broadband Can Help

Blog: Project Update
Nov 04, 2013
As the resident “broadband evangelist,” I continue to spread the good news about the many benefits that come with access to high-speed Internet. Most recently I evangelized on behalf of Valley Vision and the Connected Capital Area Broadband Consortium at a recent meeting of the California Air Resources Board (CARB). You may be wondering: what does broadband have to do with cleaning the air? It’s...+ Read more

Got Fiber? Your regional broadband update brought to you one spoonful at a time…

Blog: Project Update
Oct 28, 2013
What does a Broadband Champion look like? Valley Vision recently partnered with the California Emerging Technology Fund, California State Association of Counties, League of California Cities and Rural County Representatives of California to host a Local Government Officials Roundtable focused on Broadband. Sitting around the table were 80 participants, including 24 elected officials from cities...+ Read more

Taking the Long View: Cathedral Thinking

Blog: Opinion
Oct 25, 2013
This past summer I traveled to Vancouver, British Columbia, as part of a 30-member delegation of local business and government leaders organized by the El Dorado County and Folsom Chambers. The purpose: to gather lessons on agricultural and destination tourism, waterfront development, and the interplay between business and transportation investments for job growth. Traveling to another city for...+ Read more
Folsom Dam, CA

Experts: State's economy depends on solving water woes

Press coverage
Oct 21, 2013
The state's $25 billion plan to fix the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta is a start, experts told a group of civic, government and business leaders Monday. But much more work is needed to prevent water woes from devastating California's economy in the long term. A workshop convened by the economic development organization Valley Vision , the Sacramento Metro Chamber and others brought leaders...+ Read more
Beals Point, Folsom Lake

Valley Vision hosting forum on Bay Delta Conservation Plan

Press coverage
Oct 18, 2013
Business, government and civic leaders will convene Monday for a forum on regional water issues hosted by Valley Vision and other economic development organizations. The event runs from 8 a.m.-10:30 a.m. at the offices of KVIE-TV Channel 6, 2030 W. El Camino Avenue in Sacramento. Admission is free but space is limited. Valley Vision expects about 150 leaders to hear from experts about the Bay...+ Read more
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Valley Vision Unveils New Website

News release
Oct 14, 2013
SACRAMENTO, CA – Valley Vision rolled out a brand new look, mission statement and Website today that delivers a new, content-rich and compelling experience for users. Formed by business, education and civic leaders from the Sacramento region in 1994, Valley Vision is a nonprofit consultancy that plays the role of connector, independent researcher and project manager focused on initiatives dealing...+ Read more

Local government roundtable to discuss California’s digital divide

Press coverage
Oct 11, 2013
Next week, several local government officials and executives of private technology associations and companies will be attending a roundtable discussion on closing California’s “digital divide.” The topic for the Local Government Officials Roundtable, sponsored partially by the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF), is “Call to Action: Close the Digital Divide in California.” The event will...+ Read more

Philadelphia's Story Offers Lessons

Press coverage
Oct 04, 2013
Philadelphia is a city of firsts. A first-hand examination of what animates Philly and its metro area, hosted by our metropolitan chamber, found that leaders there continue to be driven by that ethic. The “study mission” program, now in its 15th year, recruited 77 local leaders from business, government, education and nonprofits to spend four days in September in the heart of an economic revival...+ Read more

Philadelphia Proves Economic Development is a Team Sport

Blog: Opinion
Oct 01, 2013
Leaders in Philadelphia are in the throes of activating a regional scale economic development agenda. World-Class Philadelphia is not much different than our region’s Next Economy. Their plan contains many of the same strategies and is championed by many of the same entities. Their success is notable and marked by an unfettered commitment by Philadelphia’s leadership to getting things done. They...+ Read more

The Power of Revolutionary Ideas; Stories from Philly

Blog: Opinion
Sep 29, 2013
Some words or phrases when heard for the first time can affect you deeply. They are like thunderclaps in a steady rain. They punctuate and give deep meaning and can surprise us with their force. The recent study mission trip to Philly was this way. A local leader who declares with a confidence born by her own life experience that "place making used to be defined by skyline. Now it's defined by...+ Read more