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2017 Priorities: Jobs, Government Innovation, and Teamwork

Blog: Opinion
Jan 05, 2017
We know what to do, and we have for a while – in 2017 we must execute What are the major issues facing our region this year? In the last weeks I have reached out to some well-known leaders who have left their imprint on the Sacramento Region. These leaders, who also happen to be men and women who have led Valley Vision’s 30-member Board through some of our region’s most difficult times, shared...+ Read more
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Air Quality, Affordable Housing & Sustainable Communities

Blog: Project Update
Dec 23, 2016
On December 2, the topic of the final Cleaner Air Partnership quarterly luncheon of 2016 centered on Air Quality, Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities. The event was hosted by the Sacramento Association of REALTORS® and held at their offices on Howe Avenue. Kate White , deputy secretary of environmental policy and housing coordination with the California State Transportation Agency,...+ Read more
Image of Sacramento City Council Member Eric Guerra and Valley Vision CEO Bill Mueller

Cleaner Air Partnership: 2016 in ReCAP

Blog: Project Update
Dec 23, 2016
Cleaner Air Partnership: 2016 ReCAP The past year saw the Cleaner Air Partnership (CAP) continue the quest for cleaner air across California’s Capital Region. A joint initiative of Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails, the Metro Chamber of Commerce, and Valley Vision , the Cleaner Air Partnership has worked for the past 30 years to support measures that improve air quality, protect...+ Read more
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Going Beyond "Random Acts of Excellence"

Blog: Project Update
Dec 15, 2016
December 14 marked the close of the California Economic Summit , an audacious public policy experiment that is bringing together leaders from the Redwood coast down to San Diego to listen, learn and work together. Why audacious? First, the Summit runs counter to the current fashion that a single leader, plain speaking with a bold vision, is sufficient to lead in a time of turbulence. This is pure...+ Read more

What Are You Hopeful for in 2017?

Blog: Randomness
Dec 13, 2016
Happy Holidays, folks! The new year is almost upon us - read on for thoughts, predictions, and wishes on what Valley Vision staff hope will come to pass in 2017. Jennifer Romero : “I am hopeful that my new adventure in school leads me to great things!” Bill Mueller : “Understanding.” Samantha Minor : “I am hopeful for new opportunities and more adventures!” Christine Ault : “I’m hopeful that...+ Read more
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Libraries at the Center of Learning and Civic Leadership

Blog: Project Update
Dec 12, 2016
As a civic leadership organization working across the region, Valley Vision was privileged to participate in the Sutter County Dialogue on Public Libraries held in Yuba City on November 16 and 17. A partnership between the world-renowned Aspen Institute and the Sutter County Public Library , the Dialogue brought together leaders from the civic, business, education and government sectors to re-...+ Read more
valley vision next economy 2016 chamber of commerce sacramento business nexted board

Linking Students and Employers in the Clean Energy Field

Blog: Project Update
Nov 30, 2016
Connecting students with employers in the fields of clean energy and fuels technology has been a big part of Valley Vision’s activities this past November. Amber Harris , a consultant working in Valley Vision’s Clean Economy portfolio, facilitated a series of tours throughout the month for students to visit many of the Sacramento region’s top clean energy innovators – including the California...+ Read more

What Are You Grateful for in 2016?

Nov 30, 2016
It's that time of year again! Every Holiday season, as the weather changes and the landscape morphs and braces for Winter, Valley Vision staff reflect on what we have been grateful for over the past year. It's an annual tradition, and we would all like to share our thoughts with you. Thank you! Christine Ault : “In a world that’s becoming more and more difficult to understand, I am grateful for...+ Read more
valley vision legacy feast 2016 sacramento california awards nonprofit equity

Valley Vision Helps Sacramento's Largest Public Housing Communities Get Connected

Blog: Project Update
Nov 29, 2016
November 2016 has marked major progress for Sacramento’s largest public housing complexes – Marina Vista and Alder Grove – where Valley Vision contributes to new initiatives and coordinates digital literacy programming for families at Leataata Floyd Elementary School . New community resources have recently emerged that show promise for creating new opportunities for residents and ultimately for...+ Read more

Valley Vision Sets New Strategic Priorities for 2017

News release
Nov 14, 2016
Civic leadership organization expands scope; new board and staff leadership to drive outcomes SACRAMENTO, CA — Valley Vision’s board of directors today approved moving forward on a six-point Strategic Plan that expands the organization’s scope of impact and that focuses on new breakthrough initiatives. The approved plan is the latest step in a year-long restructuring of the organization that now...+ Read more