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The California Endowment and Valley Vision Celebrate Five Years of Impact

Blog: Project Update
Jun 08, 2016
For almost six years, Valley Vision has had the opportunity to participate in The California Endowment’s Building Healthy Communities initiative – a 10-year strategic approach to addressing issues associated with poverty-created poor health outcomes and “improving the conditions under which young people in underserved communities can be healthy and thrive.” The California Endowment just released...+ Read more

Valley Vision Expands Volunteer Leadership Team

News release
May 23, 2016
George Claire, Michael Marion and Colin Twomey join the civic leadership organization’s board of directors SACRAMENTO, CA — Valley Vision announced today that three regional leaders from VSP Global, Drexel University, and the Sacramento Kings were recently appointed to the board of directors. “We are pleased that Valley Vision continues to attract top business, education, and community leaders...+ Read more
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Does Regional Leadership Really Matter?

May 23, 2016
I stood there on stage under the glare of the lights, looking out into a theater filled to the brim with Valley Vision board members, staff, clients and partners. You could see their big smiles from far away. B Street Theater had just wrapped up a hilarious 30-minute Family-Feud-style skit that doubled as our annual awards program. The actors were talented, but it was the award winners themselves...+ Read more
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What Is More Cool than Farm to School!

Blog: Project Update
May 19, 2016
What could be a better location to talk about Farm to School than an urban farm using sustainable practices, designed in a way to create community – an event building, outdoor classroom, kids’ garden, farm stand and piglets? On a warm and bright Wednesday afternoon, nearly 50 people from across the Sacramento region gathered in the Schoolhouse at Soil Born Farms to talk about Farm to School...+ Read more

Amy Talbot - Regional Water Authority Water/Energy Program

Blog: Project Update
May 16, 2016
The six-county Capital region implemented more than $38 million in Climate Investments from the Cap-and-Trade program auction proceeds in 2015 funding cycle. Valley Vision will be profiling programs in the region that received funds to increase awareness about these investments. The first program we are profiling is the Water and Energy Efficiency Program at Regional Water Authority, who received...+ Read more

Valley Vision is Bringing Online Community Food Hub and Agricultural Crowdsource Exchange

Press coverage
May 14, 2016
CropMobster, an online platform for exchanging food and other agricultural products, has launched a new site for the Sacramento region, in partnership with the non-profit Valley Vision . CropMobster facilitates sales and donations of food items and other farm products, with the goal of transforming what would otherwise be food waste into new value. The site also serves as a message board for jobs...+ Read more
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From Poverty to Middle Class Jobs

Blog: Project Update
May 11, 2016
On May 10, the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco held a roundtable in Sacramento with local business and finance experts to uncover ways that additional targeted investment could bring about good paying jobs here, especially for disadvantaged communities. Assembly Banking Chairman Matt Dababneh led off the forum, describing the importance of efforts that help all Californians, particularly...+ Read more
valley vision capital region workforce summit uc davis bill mueller trish kelly 2016 sacramento california

Capital Region Cluster Workforce Action Plan: Mobilizing to Meet Critical Skills Gaps

Blog: Project Update
May 11, 2016
On May 3 rd , Valley Vision held the Capital Region Workforce Summit at UC Davis to present the region’s Cluster Workforce Action Plan . The Plan Developed in partnership with Los Rios Center of Excellence , the Burris Service Group and the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) , the Action Plan is the culmination of an intensive nine month process to identify emerging job growth...+ Read more
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Building a Stronger Workforce to Compete Globally

Blog: Opinion
May 02, 2016
Regional, state and national education, workforce and economic development leaders will gather at UC Davis on May 3 rd for the roll out of the Sacramento Capital Region Cluster Workforce Action Plan . Managed by Valley Vision , a regional civic leadership organization, the Plan resulted from an intensive process of research by Los Rios Center of Excellence and engagement with employers and...+ Read more
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SOAPBOX: To Prosper, State Must Close the Digital Divide

Press coverage
Apr 28, 2016
Unfortunately, the Legislature failed to act last week and it could set back for years the progress that California has made in closing the digital divide. The chairman of the Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee deferred to industry interests and went against a large and diverse coalition of elected officials and community organizations working to close the divide in both rural and urban...+ Read more