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A Partnership for Digital Literacy and Community Opportunity

Blog: Project Update
Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Jenny Wagner and Trish Kelly

Valley Vision continues to work with Sacramento’s elected leaders to develop and drive an action plan to support residents of Marina Vista and Alder Grove, Sacramento County’s largest public housing complexes located near Broadway Avenue and 5th Street in northwest Land Park.

Over the past year, Valley Vision has worked with Sacramento County Supervisor Phil Serna, Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD) Board President Jay Hansen, and Sacramento City Councilmember Steve Hansen, with support from the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) to foster a partnership built on a shared mission to improve opportunities and quality of life for families of Leataata Floyd Elementary School (LFE), which serves Marina Vista and Alder Grove. Since 2015, Valley Vision has managed implementation of CETF’s School2Home program at LFE, which supports technology adoption by teachers and students and aims to connect families to affordable home Internet and digital tools. LFE Principal Eric Chapman and Assistant Principal Michelle Blanton have been strong champions of the program and plan to expand School2Home and other digital inclusion efforts schoolwide over the coming years.

However, the Partners recognize that a more holistic approach is needed to support families and help their children succeed in school. This rationale gave rise to the Neighborhood Transformation initiative, which aims to align resources and integrate services across three levels of government – County, City and School. As of December 2016, the Partners have signed a Statement of Intent to collaborate on a plan to serve the families, school and community, driving toward holistic and equitable solutions.

Through the forthcoming action plan, the Partners hope to achieve results in five areas: reducing poverty, improving educational outcomes, reducing crime, increasing employment opportunities, and improving health outcomes across the community. Sacramento is a pacesetter county – it’s the first partnership agreement across the state’s 30 School2Home sites. Valley Vision is grateful for the dedicated efforts of our leaders and partners to advance opportunities for LFE students and families.

Pictured above: Sunne Wright McPeak, President and CEO of the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF), signs the Neighborhood Transformation Partnership Statement of Intent at CETF’s December Leadership Academy in Sacramento.

From left to right: Jenny Wagner, Executive Fellow at Valley Vision; Consuelo Hernandez, District Director, Office of Sacramento City Councilmember Steve Hansen; Trish Kelly, Managing Director at Valley Vision; Sunne Wright McPeak, President and CEO of CETF; Jay Hansen, SCUSD School Board President; Larry Best, Neighborhood Transformation Consultant at CETF.

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Jenny Wagner is a Valley Vision Executive Fellow working on School2Home and other initiatives within the Healthy Communities portfolio.

Trish Kelly is Senior Vice President of Valley Vision working in the food system, workforce, and broadband portfolios.