A Spoke-tacular Commitment

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Adrian Rehn

You May have heard…May is bike month!

In celebration of this annual Spring welcome, Valley Vision thought it the perfect opportunity to make some commitments relevant to the world of bikes.

For over six years, Valley Vision has been privileged to cycle in new art pieces periodically for display in our office. Thus, we are proud to announce that a new photography exposition by Cleber Bonato, called "Paris Velos," is now adorning our conference room. Cleber is a Brazilian photographer who recently moved to Sacramento with his family after a prestigious career in Paris. The pieces that comprise Paris Velos communicate the human experience of bicycles in urban cities which not only offer unending freedom to their human counterparts, but symbolize a livable, sustainable, and vibrant city. We are excited to have Cleber’s eco-art in our office and encourage you to visit his website or cleberrbonato [at] gmail [dot] com (shoot him an email) to learn more. Merci!

Valley Vision has also committed to sending a team to the 31st annual Breathe Bike Trek, which is hosted by Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails this September. The three-day cycling event is an opportunity for Valley Vision and friends to raise money for a local nonprofit which is doing important work in our communities. We are calling our team the “Cyclepaths” (the name is taken, so don’t even try…) and can’t wait to shred the trails with many of you this Fall.

Later in May, Valley Vision and the Institute of Social Research at Sacramento State will release the full results of the first-ever Public Opinion Poll looking at civic amenities in our region. Early results from this poll have found parks and trails to be the single most important civic amenity to quality of life in the Sacramento region, according to a majority of respondents.

And now for something completely different:

Image result for why did the bicycle fall over


Adrian Rehn is a Valley Vision Project Associate working in the food system, broadband, and communications portfolios.