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Advocates for Clean Air Support Measure B

Yes on Measure B
Blog: Project Update
Wednesday, October 26, 2016
Tammy Cronin
Cleaner Air Partnership Technical Advisory Committee (10/21/2016)

The Cleaner Air Partnership Supports Measure B: The Road Maintenance & Traffic Relief Act of 2016

Take a look out the window as you travel our local roads and you’ll see a visible list of delayed-maintenance projects in the potholes, cracks and signs of wear-and-tear along the roadways. This critical infrastructure is aging and in dire need of investment in order to repair and maintain our local roads. Moreover, in order to protect air quality and public health as the region grows, investment is needed to provide alternatives to roadway travel, including transit and safe options for walking and biking to destinations.

While transportation investment remains a priority, available transportation funding continues to fall short. Gas taxes, designed by policy-makers to fund roadway maintenance, have not kept pace with improvements in fuel efficiency and the impacts of inflation. Federal and state funding streams for transportation, important to maintenance of local roadways, are running dry in terms of consistency and reliability. Lack of reliable funding inhibits the ability to plan and deliver needed transportation systems improvements in our local communities. As federal and state policy makers continue to search for agreeable solutions for transportation funding, local areas are taking leadership in finding a solution. Voters who reside in Sacramento County have an opportunity to be part of the solution by supporting Measure B with your vote.

Measure B provides dedicated local funding to:

    • Fill potholes and repair and maintain local streets
    • Reduce traffic congestion on roads and freeways
    • Improve bike and pedestrian safety
    • Improve light rail and bus service, and extend light rail to airport and Elk Grove
    • Repair and strengthen deteriorating bridges

Measure B also provides an important source of local “matching funds” that are often required to access federal or state funding, when available. These matching funds leverage and expand our local investment, expanding the benefit to our region. Importantly, projects funded by Measure B are required to support the plans our region has in place to attain compliance with national air quality standards to protect public health.

Sacramento County’s Measure B would provide a reliable funding stream under local control to help repair roads, expand transit and provide streets complete with safe options for biking and walking. These investments are critical to enhancing the region’s potential for economic growth and providing alternatives to travel by automobile that reduce air pollution, improve health, and enhance the livability of our region. This is why the Cleaner Air Partnership Supports Measure B.


The Cleaner Air Partnership is a joint initiative of Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails, the Metro Chamber, and Valley Vision. For the past 30 years, the Partnership has worked to support measures that improve air quality, protect public health, and promote economic growth.

Tammy Cronin is a Valley Vision Project Leader working on the Cleaner Air Partnership and other initiatives within the clean/green economy portfolio.