valley vision legacy feast 2016 sacramento california awards nonprofit equity

Celebrating Leadership in a Changing Region

valley vision legacy feast 2016 sacramento california awards nonprofit equity
Wednesday, January 25, 2017
Bill Mueller and Adrian Rehn

Our region is changing.

The Sacramento region is seeing a new cast of leaders take on a wide variety of new roles. The issues that these leaders must address are changing as well. Our federal government is adopting a new, different set of priorities. One constant in the midst of this change is that we are a region of remarkable people doing extraordinary things – and this is worth honoring.

Valley Vision is also changing.

We are moving ahead with an innovative 2017 business plan after documenting our widespread community impact in 2016. Our new business plan puts us in the best possible position to pursue connected strategies to make our region the most livable in the nation. Valley Vision is also working on a 10-year initiative to reduce concentrated poverty, which affects 1 in 6 Sacramentans. To ensure that we deliver on these big goals, we have adopted outcome measures to rate our performance, and are reaching out to leaders like you.

Leadership matters.

That’s why Valley Vision recognizes individuals every year who lead by example in the areas of environmental sustainability, economic prosperity and community equity (the 3 E’s). Trailblazing regional leaders have been honored since 2007 – 30 of them so far – and each stood out for demonstrating boundary-crossing leadership, employing innovative approaches to old problems, and collaborating with others to achieve a shared vision. Valley Vision shares these values and always will.

Let’s continue to honor our region’s best and brightest – join us at the 11th annual Legacy Feast celebration on the evening of May 25 at the California Museum. We also invite you to nominate a deserving leader in your community for a 2017 Legacy Feast Award, and invest as a sponsor to help with our community-building work over the next year. susan [dot] brazelton [at] valleyvision [dot] org (Contact Susan Harris-Brazelton) to secure your sponsorship, or for more information.

In honoring this legacy of leadership, here’s a glance at Legacy Feast award winners over the years:

Economic Prosperity

  • 2007       Dan Kennedy, Sacramento Business Journal
  • 2008       David Lucchetti, Pacific Coast Builders
  • 2009       Larry Vanderhoef, UC Davis
  • 2010       Jenine Windeshausen, Placer County
  • 2011       Meg Arnold, SARTA
  • 2012       Hardy Acree, Sacramento County Airports
  • 2013       Dale Carlsen, Sleep Train, Inc.
  • 2014       Gina Lujan, Hacker Lab
  • 2015       Warren Smith, Sacramento Republic FC
  • 2016       Larry Kelley, McClellan Park

Environmental Sustainability

  • 2007       Illa Collin, Sacramento Board of Supervisors
  • 2008       Aimee Rutledge, Sac Valley Conservancy
  • 2009       Shawn Harrison, Soil Born Farm
  • 2010       Mike McKeever, SACOG
  • 2011       Larry Greene, SMAQMD
  • 2012       Mike Eaton, Sacramento Business Leader
  • 2013       John Di Stasio, SMUD
  • 2014       Amber K. Stott, CA Food Literacy Center
  • 2015       David Shabazian, SACOG
  • 2016       Lundberg Family Farms

Community Equity

  • 2007       May Ying, Hmong Women’s Heritage Association
  • 2008       Rick Jennings, Center for Fathers and Families
  • 2009       Doni Blumenstock, ALF
  • 2010       Michele Steeb, St. John’s Shelter
  • 2011       Scott Hansen, Hansen McClain
  • 2012       Patrick & Bobbin Mulvaney, Mulvaney’s B&L
  • 2013       Beth Hassett, WEAVE
  • 2014       Jake Mossawir, City Year Sacramento
  • 2015       Alex Gonzalez, Sacramento State
  • 2016       Roberts Family Development Center


Bill Mueller is Chief Executive of Valley Vision, a civic leadership organization headquartered in Sacramento serving 5 million residents in Northern California.

Adrian Rehn is a Valley Vision Project Associate working in the food system, broadband, and communications portfolios.