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Dare to Create Lasting Change

Blog: Project Update
Wednesday, April 5, 2017
Patrick Guild

No individual or organization acting alone is capable of solving Sacramento's (or the world's) most complicated challenges. Rather, to achieve lasting, meaningful change, we must develop an ecosystem of healthy organizations working at scale and in partnership across sectors.”

Daniel Kaufman, Co-Founder and Principal at Third Plateau and panelist.

At Valley Vision, our mission is to make the Capital Region the most livable in the nation. That’s a phrase that we use often that is not always easy to define. To us it means working with as many different partners as possible to make sure that we are working everyday to live our values and create the ultimate place to live. It means that while there needs to be opportunities for education, jobs, housing, and other amenities, it also needs to allow you to do the things that you like to do, right?

As under-40 professionals, many of us have seen friends and family move out of our region to go get a “cool” job in the bay area, live the car-free life in Portland, or be part of a thriving art scene in L.A. It starts to hurt after a while because not only do we miss these people, we can see how losing them will hurt the region. The loss of these people starts to work against our efforts.  

So how is Valley Vision changing that? What are we doing differently? We are working to get the right people around the table. That’s what we do best. Tomorrow at Emerge, we’re inviting you to that table.

“As leaders, it's up to us to use our talents to shape the kind of region we want to live and work in. If we want to create lasting positive change, we have to be willing to find out what's most important to those in our community, and know what it takes to engage them.” Leili Khalessi, ‎Sr. Account Manager at 3fold Communications and a panelist.

“Sacramento's size, relatively flat power structure, and general connectedness make it a perfect place to convene and engage collaborative working for a common good”, confirms Kaufman.

We have assembled a panel of people who dare to have the conversation. They realize that no one is going to create the region they desire but themselves. They are some of the ones creating lasting change.

As an Emerge attendee, you understand the concept. You’re on board with being the change that you want to see. Join panelists Daniel and Leili, along with Maritza and Roshaun Davis, Co-Founders of Unseen Heroes, and Denise Malvetti, Sr. Project Manager with the city of Sacramento with Valley Vision CEO, Bill Mueller at Goldfield Trading Post and see why this region is the best place in the world to work across industries to leave your mark, and to create a place where you’re proud to live.


Patrick Guild is Executive Assistant to Valley Vision CEO Bill Mueller.