Regional Leadership Profiles

Jack London mural on the side of Bear's Books in Sacramento.

Bestselling author Jim Collins of "From Good to Great" fame talks about how great leaders have two capabilities:  one is resolve, or determination to accomplish a goal, and the other is humility.  He describes how leaders with resolve and humility can build a good company into a great company.  At Valley Vision, we think the same holds true about building a great region.  It comes down to leadership.  Not just from a few people in key roles, but an every-day kind of leadership that all of us must exercise if we care about the fate of our community.  

We are profiling both established and emerging leaders who are having a major impact on the health and prosperity of the Capital Region.  Why?  Curiousity.  We want to know what makes them tick...what values drive learn from their insights.  We also want to celebrate them...for the risks they take and for the accomplishments they are able to achieve with others.  And by sharing their stories we hope others might aspire to emulate them, and their commitment to building a Capital Region that is prosperous, just and sustainable for all.  Our current profiles include:  

James Beckwith, President and CEO of Five Star Bank.  Former Valley Vision board chairman and presently the chairman of the Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce.  (Posted January 8, 2014.)

Scott Syphax, President and CEO of the Nehemiah Companies.  The leader developing the Township 9 development project in Sacramento and presently the Chairman of the Valley Vision board of directors.  (Posted Nov. 27, 2013.)

Amber Stott, Founder and Chief Food Genius at the California Food Literacy Center.  Also winner of the Regional Environmental Leader award for 2013-14 by Valley Vision.  (Posted May 2, 2014.)

Jake Mossawir, Executive Director of City Year Sacramento.  Also winner of the Regional Community Leader award for 2013-14 by Valley Vision.  (Posted May 14, 2014)

Susan Rohan, Mayor of the City of Roseville.  Recently honored by Assemblywoman Beth Gaines as Woman of the Year. (Posted July 23, 2014)

Patt FurrFounder and President of Computers for Classrooms.  A regional broadband champion refurbishing computers and tablets for families, the elderly and people with disabilities. (Posted August 27, 2014)

John Gioia, Contra Costa County Supervisor. Supervisor Gioia is the Recent Past President of the California State Association of Counties (CSAC) and has been a long-time proponent of broadband and partner in the effort to close the digital divide. (Posted December 9, 2014)

Is there a local leader that you think should be featured here and in Vantage Point, our bi-monthly e-news?  If so, please email Jodi Mulligan at jodi [dot] mulligan [at] valleyvision [dot] org with your suggestions.