Gordon Fowler

President & CEO, 3fold Communications

Gordon Fowler is the President/CEO of 3fold Communications where he dreams, points and steers the 3fold team.  As a strategic marketing and business solutions firm, 3fold works with bold brands looking to grow, diversify and enhance their programs, products and services with both internal and external audiences.

Since its founding in 2004, Fowler has grown the company into an award winning, multi-million dollar agency while also focused on driving the company towards its mission of "contributing to thriving communities.”

In 2016, this vision led 3fold to open The Glue Factory, an innovative incubator space focused on building community-based entrepreneurs, as well as take over the leadership of The Impact Foundry (formerly the Nonprofit Resource Center), an association of, and resource for nonprofits serving the 29 counties in NorthernCalifornia.

Gordon is a frequently-requested keynote speaker and travels nationally sharing his communications expertise, passion for entrepreneurship and philosophy on communitybased business building.