Debbie Aubert

Bookkeeper / Finance Manager

Debbie joined Valley Vision in early 2014 as bookkeeper and her role has grown to include key operational and HR matters.  She grew up locally in the Sierra Nevada foothills and graduated with a degree in Interior Design from Sac State.  She worked in the design industry in both commercial and residential design for a few years, and then went on a long and winding road that brought her to owning her own bookkeeping business for the last 10 years.

Most people would say that Debbie is kind, loyal, dependable and funny.  She is inspired by music, sunshine, nature and white chocolate mochas.  Her profession is rewarding to her because she believes she is truly helping other people.  When her clients look at her with relief and tell her they don’t know what they would do without her help, it is a great sense of accomplishment for her.  She loves her two children more than anything in the world, spoils her dog (very close behind the kids), and tends to be quite dramatic when telling a story, which she blames on her Italian heritage.  Debbie has a passion for singing and tries to do it as much as possible, which is never enough. She enjoys going to listen to live music, the theater, museums, wine tasting, yoga and can sit for long stretches of time listening to and looking out at the ocean.