Evan Schmidt

Project Leader

Evan began work with Valley Vision in 2014 as a consultant on the Next Economy project, and recently turned her attention to "fuel-to-energy" and alternative transportation matters where she serves as program manager. She has been working for equitable community development and healthy communities for at least 10 years, but she suspects much longer than that. Evan earned dual Master’s degrees in Community Development and Geography from UC Davis and has worked as a consultant on diverse projects related to youth engagement, healthy eating, active living, environmental sustainability, and food access. Most recently, Evan has worked as a program evaluator, leading qualitative data collection and analysis for nonprofit and state agencies across the U.S.  As an evaluator, Evan specializes in participatory evaluation methods that lend to improving processes, measuring outcomes, and empowering program participants.

Evan’s work philosophy developed during formative years working in the mountains of Colorado as a camp counselor, outdoor educator, and backpacking trip leader. She learned the power of two important philosophies: first, “See Do”, or if you see something that needs to be done, do it without wondering if it is in your job description; second, “Operate in Chaos, Finish in Style” – or, accept a messy process but pull together your best creativity and innovation for the end. 

In her free time Evan is hiking with the family, out running to train for a race, or practicing community building through supervising feral packs of neighborhood kids, planning weekly potlucks, or playing in neighborhood ping pong tournaments.