Jennifer Romero

Administrative and Scheduling Assistant

Jennifer came to join the Valley Vision family in February 2011 as the Executive Assistant to the CEO and Office Manager. Her past background was working in various companies in the Bay Area in the Human Resources field. She left the H.R. to pursue her culinary dreams of becoming a chef. She attended an 18 month Culinary Program in San Francisco where she earned her certificate in Culinary Arts in 2008.

It is Jennifer’s dream to one day own her own restaurant or food truck that will serve good-yummy Mediterranean food. Although she hails from Nicaragua, her food tastes and love lays in the Mediterranean culinary world. She fell in love specifically with Greek food when she visited the Greek Islands of Mykonos & Santorini, and the mainland, particularly the city of Athens. She was once told by a Palm /Tarot card reader that in her past life she once served as a water girl in Greece, perhaps this is why she loves Greek food. She hopes to one day retire in Oia, Santorini with her Partner of 10 years and their beloved animals.