Patrick Guild

Executive Assistant to Chief Executive, Bill Mueller

Patrick is born and raised in Northern California and has lived in the Sacramento area for most of his life. He transferred from the Los Rios Community College District to Drexel University Sacramento, where he graduated in 2016 with BS in Business Administration. He loves working with people on issues that affect the community, and likes to get involved however he possibly can. He is experienced in the customer service and hospitality fields and would love to own his own business one day. Patrick is driven by the desire to be a voice for the voiceless.

Patrick has moved around northern California, and has spent much time travelling around the United States playing music. He is always ready to make a movie or T.V. show reference and loves to crack jokes (even when he shouldn’t sometimes) He is determined to help make Sacramento a destination for artists, entrepreneurs and forward-thinkers. When he is not working or doing homework, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching sports, eating at local restaurants and breweries and seeing his favorite bands play live.