Shanaiya Jones

Thousand Strong Intern

Shanaiya Jones joined Valley Vision through the Thousand Strong youth internship program.  At Valley Vision, Shanaiya works across a broad range of programs and topics – from conducting research to preparing communications to organizing events – and takes advantage of every opportunity to help Valley Vision work efficiently to achieve impact. 

Being her first internship, Shanaiya hopes to learn more about the workplace, build new professional skills, and find ways to blend her school-based and professional-based learning.  Most importantly, she wants to explore how her talents can positively contribute to the community.  Shanaiya believes that with a little support everyone has potential to be a greater person and can help others become better, as well. She believes that working with Valley Vision through the internship will not only give her an opportunity to grow but also give her a role of support for her fellow co-workers.

In her prior experiences, Shanaiya has had the opportunity to support a youth rehabilitation program in San Bernardino. In that program she actively supported incarcerated youth by providing them with simple everyday tasks that uplifted their spirits and gave them the confidence to positively re-engage with their community. She contributed more than 80 hours of community service in that same community, providing her with knowledge, experience, and continued passion to give back to the community.

Shanaiya is a senior at Luther Burbank high school. There she was awarded with superb reader and marvelous mathematician awards. She works hard to achieve all of her academic and lifelong goals by being dedicated and patient through all work she does. At school, she is known as an active teen who is more than willing to take part in activities and find ways to make them better and more impactful.