Bay Delta Forums

What is the goal?

To provide a series of independent forums where experts can share facts and information about the Bay Delta Conservation Plan and interrelated infrastructure, operational, and regulatory matters to leaders from business, government, labor, environmental, and community.  

Why is this important?

The availability of water affects all of our lives, from sustaining a vibrant economy, to supporting farms and food, to underpinning the health of our rivers, lakes and wildlife.  Our state needs a comprehensive water solution that meets the needs of all Californians, both north and south, and plans are underway now aimed at improving water availability and flows.

What is Valley Vision doing about it?

Valley Vision is organizing forums in collaboration with a growing number of influential business, environmental, government, and water agency leaders from the North State.  The Director of the California Department of Water Resources, Mark Cowin, gave the keynote address at the October 2013 Forum, followed by the head of the Association of California Water Agencies, Timothy Quinn.  Einar Maisch, the Director of Strategic Affairs for the Placer County Water Agency, rounded out the general session presenters.  Twelve area experts then spoke in greater depth on key topics and answered audience questions.

The March 2014 Forum featured Roseville Mayor Susan Rohan, Andy Fecko, Director of Resource Development, Placer County Water Agency, Fritz Durst, Farmer & Chair, Sites Project Authority, Jim Earp, Executive Director, California Alliance for Jobs, and Jay Ziegler, Director of External Affairs and Policy, Nature Conservancy.  Dorene D’Adamo, a member of the State Water Resources Control Board, provided concluding remarks.  


The first forum was held on October 21, 2013 and the second March 31, 2014.  Future forums are planned later in 2014.