Business Roundtables

What is the goal?

In order to help companies grow and hire in the Sacramento region, Valley Vision and its economic development partners are keenly interested in understanding the barriers and opportunities for growth from the perspective of local business executives. The goal is to address issues in a responsive way and thus improve the likelihood that businesses will thrive.

Why is this important?

Quality of life in the Sacramento region is directly related to the vibrancy of the area’s business climate. Recognizing that companies in this era’s “knowledge economy” can change locations to best meet their workforce and expansion needs, it is critical to understand the factors that will keep them committed to staying put. That way regional partners can proactively meet the needs of local employers and become partners in their success within the region.  

What is Valley Vision doing about it?

Valley Vision has been asked to design and implement a number of input sessions with local company leaders from a variety of industries. Information gathering has happened using CEO roundtables akin to focus groups, as well as a series of one-on-one interviews with company leaders to dive deeper into their individual needs and experiences.

Valley Vision organizes these findings into actionable guidance that can help our economic and workforce development partners prioritize their future activities. Input spans topics such as hiring challenges, finance-related barriers, policy impediments, and public awareness and political will to support company needs.


Valley Vision hosted our first series of “CEO Roundtables” for the Clean Energy industry in the Sacramento region in 2007. We’ve been asked to replicate this approach for a number of industries since that time. In 2013 our industry outreach will target five industry areas: Advanced Manufacturing, Health and Life Sciences, Information and Communications Technology, Clean Energy, and Food and Agriculture.

A series of research reports with key findings from each of the roundtables over the course of 3+ years.

The key issues raised in the reports used by economic development organizations, public and private, to advocate for improvements and new policies.

Example:  the Roundtables provided fuel for the Sacramento Region to be a national leader in Property Assessed Clean Energy, or PACE financing to make energy improvements more affordable for property owners. 

The Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA)

Los Rios Community College System

The Sacramento Metro Chamber

The Sacramento Area Commerce and Trade Organization

Next Ed, formally "Linking Education and Economic Development (LEED)

The Sacramento Area Regional Technology Alliance (SARTA)

...and many others.

The Los Rios Community College District

The Sacramento Employment and Training Agency