Next Economy: Food and Agriculture Industry Cluster

What is the goal?
As a part of the Next Economy Prosperity Plan, it is our goal to improve the region’s economic climate by bolstering the Sacramento Region's Agriculture and Food industry cluster. This will be done by creating talent pipelines from education and training to workplaces; developing the appropriate infrastructure to ensure that the region’s agricultural economy can maximize its market opportunities; supporting research and innovation; and leveraging the capacities of the University of California, Davis, other educational partners, companies, the emerging network of business and farm accelerators, and other assets. The ultimate goal is to make Sacramento the “Silicon Valley of Agriculture” with new innovations spurring additional economic activity.

Why is this important?
Next Economy partners are implementing actions to support the industry clusters that show the most promise for job growth and wealth creation. The Sacramento Region is at the heart of one of the world’s largest agricultural economies in the world, which produces food for people on every corner of the earth. The food and agriculture industry cluster creates a $3.4 billion annual output and employs over 37 thousand workers in the Sacramento region. This industry cluster demonstrated its strength because it continued to grow through the “Great Recession” while many other industries shrank, and has shown its resilience in the face of a debilitating drought. Next Economy aims to make the region a leader in agricultural innovation and exports, as well as supporting the growth of regionally-focused local agriculture and food businesses and entrepreneurs.

What is Valley Vision doing about it?
Valley Vision is the regional head for the AgPlus Food and Beverage Manufacturing Consortium, securing an important federal designation from the U.S. Economic Development Administration as an Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP) region. We are working with regional, state and federal partners to implement the strategy.

Valley Vision is working with the Sacramento Region Community Foundation, SACOG and many others to implement the Sacramento Region Food System Action Plan.

Valley Vision is partnering with local agriculture and food companies to better understand future labor demands and the skills and requirements to meet these needs. We are working with education and training organizations to identify and fund career pathways in this space. We are meeting regularly with organizations working on food and agriculture across the Sacramento region to implement shared strategies.

This work is made possible through generous support from the Morgan Family Foundation, the Sacramento Region Community Foundation, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and the Packard Foundation. Thank you!

  • The Sacramento Region Community Foundation and Valley Vision produced a first-ever Food System Action Plan for the Sacramento Region, and are currently implementing the Action Plan recommendations with many partners
  • Valley Vision is the regional head for the AgPlus Food and Beverage Manufacturing Consortium, securing an important federal designation from the U.S. Economic Development Administration as an Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP) region
  • Valley Vision is currently exploring the opportunity to initiate a Healthy Food in Health Care pilot project to partner with hospitals and other anchor institutions in sourcing more locally-grown food
  • Valley Vision Board Member Tim Johnson (California Rice Commission) created and hosts an ongoing Production Agriculture Advisory Committee to represent the needs of production agriculture in regional initiatives
  • Next Economy has adopted a Production Agriculture Policy Platform to help guide future decision making 
  • Valley Vision has begun industry interviews to find existing or future gaps in the laborforce supply and demand, and forge solutions to fill those gaps
  • Valley Vision completed an inventory and map of regional agriculture and food education and training providers

Morgan Family Foundation

California Rice Commission