North State Water Alliance

What is the goal?

The North State Water Alliance is a growing partnership of cities, counties, water providers, business, and community groups in Northern California.  Common geography and interests have brought them together to work closely on water issues.  Valley Vision has served as the initiative manager since January 2014. 

Why is this important?

The availability of water affects all of our lives, from sustaining a vibrant economy, to supporting farms and food, to serving as the life blood of rivers, lakes and wildlife.  Our state needs a comprehensive water solution that meets the needs of all Californians, both north and south, and efforts are now underway aimed at improving water availability and environmental sustainability over the next 30 years.

What is Valley Vision doing about it?

Valley Vision was invited to serve as the initiative manager to assist the founding partners of the Alliance -- the Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce, the Sacramento Area Council of Governments, the Regional Water Authority, the Northern California Water Association, and the Mountain Counties Water Resources Association -- and their local government partners achieve their goals.  We work with the leadership to set the overall agenda, sharpen communications, and coordinate action.


Valley Vision has been serving as the Alliance manager since January 2014.

  • Creation of a six-month work plan with performance metrics
  • Communications Work Group formed 
  • NSWA "story arc" developed and adopted to align messages
  • Launch of an infrastructure and operational water blueprint for the North State
  • Held a Regional Water Forum on "Our Water Future: Securing Reliability in the North State"
  • Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce
  • Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG)
  • Regional Water Authority
  • Northern California Water Association
  • Mountain Counties Water Resources Association
  • Placer County Water Agency
  • City of Sacramento
  • City of Roseville
  • City of Folsom
  • San Juan Water District
  • Others
  • Placer County Water Agency
  • Others