* San Joaquin County Community Health Improvement Plan Implementation

Recognizing the need for targeted, coordinated priorities and goals to drive change, more than 100 stakeholders contributed to the development of the Community Health Improvement Plan for San Joaquin County (2016-2019).  The CHIP was created to guide collaborative, long-term efforts to address community health needs throughout the county.

Recognizing further that even a well detailed plan will not fully mobilize the actions desired, the Healthier Community Collaborative has partnered with Valley Vision to advance the active pursuit of the priorities, goals, and strategies outlined in the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). 

What is the goal? 

Through its work on this project, Valley Vision strives to leverage existing resources and expand provider and community capacity in order to create a well-resourced, well-aligned community of stakeholders who are able to maximize impact on the priorities set in the CHIP.

Why is this important?

In any community or region, focus can be spread across diffuse interests.  But in order to move the needle on any issue at a community-wide level, efforts must be coordinated in a systematic way to ensure that all stakeholders are moving in the same direction, pursuing similar ends.  Valley Vision’s role as a coordinator and facilitator for this project will help minimize friction and foster alignment among stakeholders to optimize impact.  

What is Valley Vision doing about it?

In order to mobilize action around CHIP implementation, Valley Vision’s efforts center on:

  1. Expanding Awareness.  Valley Vision is meeting with providers, community groups, and other stakeholders in order to promote common goals and visions.  Valley Vision is also creating a centralized information hub to streamline communication among stakeholders.

  2. Growing Capacity.  Valley Vision is analyzing assets and gaps to determine where energies should be focused to build upon what exists and overcome the deficits.  This work includes finding ways to leverage resources as well as promoting emerging opportunities.

  3. Monitoring Impact.  Valley Vision is compiling common metrics that can be used across providers so that progress can be validated.

What is our desired impact?

Through the project, Valley Vision seeks to expand coordination among stakeholders in the San Joaquin County area, foster obtainment of new funding and resources for the region, and realize measurable change in the community health outcomes outlined in the CHIP.

How this work improves people’s lives?

Successful implementation of the Community Health Improvement Plan will result in a number of improved community health outcomes for residents in San Joaquin County.  Among the dozens of areas of improvement will be increased healthy eating; increased physical activity; improved 3rd Grade reading proficiency; improved Kindergarten readiness; increased high school graduation rate; reduced rate of violence; increased availability of affordable, quality housing; and increased access to culturally and linguistically appropriate behavioral health services.

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