Valley Vision Projects

Since 1994 Valley Vision has driven transformative change for Northern California. Our contributions improve quality of life, economic growth and community equity. Check out our work—which today spans 16 Northern California counties—and see how we are making our communities the most livable in the nation.

Project profiles appear in alphabetic order with active initiatives marked by an *.  

Blueprint logo
The Sacramento region Blueprint is a bold vision for growth and regional transportation investment that promotes compact, mixed-use development and a better jobs-housing balance.+ Read more
Outdoor image with broadcast tower on horizon.
The California Emerging Technology Fund asked Valley Vision to uncover the ways that remote health care, teleworking, digital learning, “smart” utility grids and other applications can help the environment.+ Read more
Capturing input from business leaders.
To get a clear idea of what issues are affecting business today, Valley Vision asked local CEOs and top managers to explain their needs. The results were shared widely with our economic development partners, leading to action.+ Read more
Career GPS is an easy-to-use website that provides individuals and organizations with one central location to find information about which jobs are in high demand in the Sacramento region, how much they pay, what type of education or training is recommended, and where you can go to get it.+ Read more
Valley Vision mapped all of the museums, art galleries, stadiums, bike trails, parks, and other civic spaces in the six county Sacramento area. We hosted community events and invited the public to vote on which type of civic amenity they want more of in the Capital Region.+ Read more
Blood pressure measurement
The first in a series of Community Health Needs Assessments that uncovered the unmet health needs of residents in four metro-area counties, with the research results made available through a powerful new Web tool with interactive maps showing "hot spots" of health issues by zip code.+ Read more
A joint effort by the region's major healthcare providers to uncover the barriers faced by under-insured and uninsured residents when they seek healthcare in the Greater Sacramento Area for themselves and their families.+ Read more
By identifying the most important health needs in vulnerable communities, Community Health Need Assessments help not-for-profit hospitals focus their public benefit funds in priority areas to create stronger and healthier neighborhoods.+ Read more
Success Ahead.
Valley Vision assembled and led a coalition of over 75 health stakeholders to submit a winning $499,229 Community Transformation Grant application to the federal government to improve health outcomes here.+ Read more
Valley Vision helped launch Energy Upgrade California in Yolo and Sacramento Counties in 2011. The program helps Californians make cost-effective improvements to their homes to save energy, save money, and improve comfort and livability.+ Read more