Valley Vision Projects

Since 1994 Valley Vision has driven transformative change for Northern California. Our contributions improve quality of life, economic growth and community equity. Check out our work—which today spans 16 Northern California counties—and see how we are making our communities the most livable in the nation.

Project profiles appear in alphabetic order with active initiatives marked by an *.  

Hmong Story Cloth
This work strengthened the health and well-being of the Hmong Community in California by improving access to quality healthcare and advocating for better cross-cultural interactions between Hmong culture and Western medicine.+ Read more
Valley Vision and its research partners identified the biggest causes of hunger and food insecurity in Sacramento County. Together we created an action plan that focuses our efforts on activities that have the greatest likelihood to make change.+ Read more
Drawing on our experience with the Sacramento Region Food System Collaborative, Valley Vision is providing technical assistance to Community Action Partnership of Kern County to help that group create their own food system coalition. This is especially important because Kern County is consistently rated as having one of the highest rates of food insecurity in the nation.+ Read more
Broadband Local Government Officials Roundtable October 17 & 18, 2013
Valley Vision partnered with the California Emerging Technology Fund, the California State Association of Counties, the League of California Cities and the Rural County Representatives of California and hosted a two-day roundtable that brought together 80 participants, 24 of which were elected officials from across California to talk about broadband infrastructure and deployment, digital literacy and closing the digital divide.+ Read more
Tractor at work
Next Economy is a region-wide action plan with concrete performance measures designed to add 35,000 new jobs and $5.3 billion in new investment over the next five years. It has been adopted by dozens of business groups and more than 20 cities and counties in the Sacramento region.+ Read more
Cows in Placer County
As a part of the Next Economy Prosperity Plan, our goal is to improve the Sacramento Region’s economic climate by bolstering the regional Food and Agriculture industry cluster. Agriculture has been a vital part of our past and will be an essential part of our future.+ Read more
North Fork of the American River
What is the goal? The North State Water Alliance is a growing partnership of cities, counties, water providers, business, and community groups in Northern California. Common geography and interests have brought them together to work closely on water issues. Valley Vision has served as the initiative manager since January 2014. Why is this important? The availability of water affects all of our...+ Read more
Downtown Placerville, CA
In 2006 leaders from over 30 regional business, government, and community organizations collaborated to create our region's first ever shared economic development strategy.+ Read more