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Valley Vision recognizes that global challenges such as climate change, the digital divide, and water and energy resource constraints affect economic, environmental and social vitality. Communities today are increasingly impacted by interconnectivity through the movement of products, technology, people and information.

In these complex times, Valley Vision is here to steward the region through the difficult challenges of today by inspiring creative solutions. For our neighbors, we spearhead strategies that increase access to healthcare, healthy food, and the Internet. We design collaborations that improve air quality, education and workforce by aligning the people, investments and expertise to advance multigenerational progress.

21st Century Workforce

To maintain a vibrant and prosperous economy, our region must have a talented workforce — educated, trained and ready — for emerging opportunities in the 21st century economy.

Valley Vision has defined the route to get there:

  • Identify skill gaps
  • Promote educational pathways
  • Assess future employment needs
  • Improve linkages across industry sectors
  • Support access to workforce training


Jobs that will be impacted by the path set in the Next Economy Regional Workforce Action Plan

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Clean Economy

A clean environment is the cornerstone of livability. For public and private entities, that means implementing environmentally sustainable practices. Valley Vision has a strong legacy of work in the Clean Economy – the sector of the economy that produces or supports goods and services that provide an environmental benefit.

Valley Vision has defined the route to get there:

  • Identify clean technologies that exceed climate goals
  • Promote compact, mixed-use development
  • Assess investment strategies for a clean economy
  • Improve air quality and economic growth
  • Support greenhouse gas reduction


Kilowatt hours saved as a result of our Green Communities initiative - enough to power 2,000 CA households for one year

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Food & Ag Economy

Food production is critically important to the Capital Region’s way of life and its economy. Valley Vision has a long history working on a variety of food system initiatives and is known as a regional leader in food, agriculture and related health systems. Our initiatives focus on pioneering innovations to make food and ag sustainable, healthy, productive and accessible.

Valley Vision has defined the route to get there:

  • Identify future labor demands
  • Promote ag sector innovation
  • Assess ag production needs
  • Improve food distribution
  • Support access to locally-grown food


Students benefiting from adopted School Wellness Policy within the Sacramento School District

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Healthy Communities

To be a top livable community is to be a healthy one. That means all residents have basic needs met such as access to healthcare, housing, transportation, education, community amenities, safety and opportunity. Valley Vision is hands-on in all of it, emphasizing wellness, economic security and accessible fresh food for all.

Valley Vision has defined the route to get there:

  • Identify health needs
  • Promote social equity
  • Assess conditions to determine health disparities
  • Improve transportation infrastructure
  • Support affordable housing

Oct 31st

The date the county is opening its County Urgent Care Facility 7-days a week after a joint community-based effort to improve mental health access enabled by Valley Vision

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Innovation & Infrastructure

Valley Vision’s forward thinking mind set helps fuel our innovation and entrepreneur-led economic activity. Valley Vision’s work in this space is focused on opportunity, paving the way for new startups to get going, innovation companies growing, and a workforce versed in 21st century skills ready for onboarding.

Valley Vision has defined the route to get there:

  • Identify and promote emerging industries
  • Strengthen the region’s capacity to innovate
  • Improve participation from underserved communities
  • Support new company creation
  • Tell the region’s innovation story


Investments introduced into the region to support entrepreneurship and innovation, funded by SETA and stewarded by Valley Vision

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Leadership & Civic Engagement

A more livable region happens when residents talk and walk together to solve problems. That’s why Valley Vision’s commitment to broad participation is at the heart of its fundamental values. Diversity of thought allows for a comprehensive understanding of views and opportunities, and is necessary to build the consensus needed to make change happen.

Valley Vision has defined the route to get there:

  • Identify and grow leadership networks
  • Promote community engagement
  • Report on factors that drive our quality of life
  • Improve cross-sector collaboration
  • Support regional stewardship


Regions across California benefiting from Valley Vision's backbone support and Co-Chair leadership of the statewide California Stewardship Network

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