Healthy Communities


To be a top livable community is to be a healthy one. That means all residents have basic needs met such as access to healthcare, housing, transportation, education, community amenities, safety and opportunity. Valley Vision is hands-on in all of it, emphasizing wellness, economic security and accessible fresh food for all.

Valley Vision has defined the route to get there:

  • Identify health needs
  • Promote social equity
  • Assess conditions to determine health disparities
  • Improve transportation infrastructure
  • Support affordable housing
    • Our goal is to advance opportunities for all the region’s residents to reach their full potential by ensuring access to basic needs, including economic security, housing, transportation, safety, community amenities, and healthcare.

      Our Metric: Improve the quality of life in neighborhoods currently most affected by concentrated poverty—which affects more than 83,000 Sacramento residents—by increasing service levels, investing in those neighborhoods, and reducing the number of census tracts in concentrated poverty by 10 percent in 10 years.

      • Track and communicate key data points to bring to the surface health needs in the region.
      • Mobilize action around under-addressed health needs in the Capital region and San Joaquin and Solano counties.
      • Have a committed coalition and action plan in place to address concentrated poverty.
      • Advance regional health mobility and transportation goals.
      • Improve access to broadband as a critical service for all regional residents.
      • Improve educational and job opportunities in underserved communities by providing access to and training on computers for students and their families.
    • By actively working to create and improve systems that touch hospital, transportation, education, and community institutions in order to improve people’s ability to live healthy lives.















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Nonprofit hospitals in California are required by state and federal law to conduct community health needs assessments (CHNAs) every three years and to use the results to develop implementation plans to improve community health. CHNAs …

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The Sacramento region possesses remarkable natural and man-made recreational assets spanning from the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range to the foothills and the valley floor, all dotted with forests, lakes, rivers and streams.  Athletes and fitness …

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Announcing A Major Effort to Empower At-Risk Communities

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FCC Chairman Gets A Taste of California’s Digital Divide

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