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Valley Vision’s forward thinking mind set helps fuel our innovation and entrepreneur-led economic activity. Valley Vision’s work in this space is focused on opportunity, paving the way for new startups to get going, innovation companies growing, and a workforce versed in 21st century skills ready for onboarding.

Valley Vision has defined the route to get there:

  • Identify and promote emerging industries
  • Strengthen the region’s capacity to innovate
  • Improve participation from underserved communities
  • Support new company creation
  • Tell the region’s innovation story
    • Our objective is to diversify the regional economy with a growing number and mix of entrepreneur-led companies.

      Our Metric: Increase the number of startups per 1,000 firm-population (“startup density”) and the rate of startup growth in employment over five years, demonstrating both startup volume and lasting impact.

      • Actively support and advance the innovation and entrepreneurship sector.
      • Implement one or more regional impact investing funds, bringing additional capital sources to the economy.
      • Bring greater coherence to the entrepreneurship support system through engagement and increased alignment.
    • Entrepreneurship is a key indicator of economic vitality and for attracting and retaining talent in the region. Valley Vision actively supports access to entrepreneurial skills – for underserved groups in particular. Helping support this sector will not only grow opportunities for entrepreneurship, but also ensure regional vibrancy for all residents.

Featured Projects


Agricultural has become increasingly reliant on technology for water and energy conservation, reduction of chemical inputs, and increased productivity. Most of this technology requires Internet access, yet many rural areas do not have access to …

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Economic development and neighborhood revitalization are long and difficult processes. Sustainable success requires integrated support in specific areas. In this way, WayUp Sacramento is driving change at a community level in Sacramento’s Oak Park neighborhood. …

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Next Economy, the Sacramento region’s playbook for carrying out joint economic development activities to help shift our economic trajectory, is among Valley Vision’s more comprehensive region-wide projects in recent years. The primary product of the …

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Our Broadband Plan for 2017

As the global economy continues its transformation into a digital economy – with smart cities, smart cars, cloud computing and the quickly evolving Internet of Things – broadband connectivity, or high-speed Internet access, has become …

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Sacramento’s Innovation Agenda Goes to Washington

In March a group of nearly 90 leaders from across the Sacramento region descended on an unusually cold Washington D.C. for an advocacy trip to spotlight local priorities to the federal government, with a focus …

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SETA Awards $750K to Support Regional Innovation Through SlingShot

Today the Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA) Board approved $750K in funding awards made through the SlingShot project. These awards will support entrepreneurship, business startups, and innovation in the 9-county Capital region. SlingShot is …

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