These 10 assets distinguish Valley Vision from others in the region. Combined, they create a powerful value proposition that helps us deliver breakthroughs for the communities and clients we serve.

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Network Development, Management and Coalition Building

Stakeholder engagement

Create partnerships, build and grow coalitions, increase collaboration and communication.

Process design

Determine desired outcomes, workflow, project needs, and implementation requirements.

Meeting Facilitation

Expert facilitation. Create agendas, support materials, design and manage meetings.

Data-Driven Problem Solving

Research & Public Opinion Polling

Quarterly public opinion polls on pressing regional issues. Research studies, best practice studies, literature reviews, focus groups, stakeholder opinion assessments, surveys, data synthesis (partial list).

Expert evaluation

Analyze desired impact of efforts to generate new learning and adjust approaches in real time.

Regional Capacity Building


Provide objective advice. Frame or re-frame opportunities, problems, or solutions. Generate options. Resolve disputes.

Task execution

Provide task execution for organizations needing the expertise or added capacity

Elevating Regional Issues


Solicitation, investor relations, grant writing.

Communications and Storytelling

Internal group communications and external group and stakeholder communications, including telling a compelling story.

Media relations

Reactive and pro-active strategy and execution. Serve as initiative spokesperson.

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