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Since 1994, Valley Vision has driven transformative change for Northern California. Our contributions improve quality of life by building strong communities, a healthy environment, and economic vibrancy. Check out our work—which today spans 16 Northern California counties—and see how we are working across industry sectors, political geographies and social boundaries to make our communities the most livable in the nation.

Future of Work

The digitalization of work is affecting jobs across all sectors of industry, stimulating a widespread discussion, both nationally and internationally. Speculation ranges widely – will rapid digitalization, automation, and artificial intelligence result in the end …

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Governor Jerry Brown set a statewide goal of doubling the energy efficiency of existing buildings and procuring 50 percent of California’s electricity from renewable sources by 2030.  Local governments have been tasked with fulfilling the …

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Sacramento Valley Manufacturing Initiative

The Sacramento Valley Manufacturing Initiative (SVMI) is a new industry-lead collaboration to build and sustain a robust manufacturing sector in the Sacramento region by informing and supporting education and training providers about the needs of …

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Historically low-performing schools tend to have limited access to the technology and tools necessary for teachers and students to navigate and adapt to an increasingly digitized world. School2Home is an innovative statewide program that aims …

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California is investing $200 million annually in the Strong Workforce Program to help fill the growing demand for “middle-skill” positions that require more than a high school diploma, but not necessarily a 4-year college degree. …

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UC Davis has a long history of leadership on transportation. Early world-class investments in campus bike facilities and the citywide Unitrans bus system have led to impressive rates of bicycling and transit use, particularly among …

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Certain urban neighborhoods in Sacramento are losing ground in economic security, which impacts the social and economic health of the region. Addressing a multi-faceted and complicated basic need systems requires a collaborative, community-wide, data-driven, and …

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A strong workforce with the skills needed to fill in-demand jobs is essential to assuring a vibrant economic future.  With a population that continues to grow at a rate faster than the state, the City …

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