Our People

Anessa Chacon

Thousand Strong Intern

Anessa joined Valley Vision as an intern on November 3, 2017.  Before starting her journey through the nonprofit she attended the City of Sacramento’s youth program called Thousand Strong – which is how she acquired the Internship – and completed a 40 hour work training program to prepare her for the road ahead.  She holds high hopes for her future and the internship she holds.

Before joining Valley Vision, Anessa worked at Blimpie’s. She is currently a senior in high school working on getting her diploma. After high school, she plans on attending Sacramento City College to obtain degrees in Engineering and Psychology in hopes of becoming an automotive engineer. She enjoys taking photos of all things Sacramento such as its art and scenery. She also enjoys listening to psychology podcasts, making EDM music as well as writing poetry. In her down time she can be found in her room working hard on her school work.

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