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President & CEO, Sierra Health Foundation

2017-2018  EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE — Chet has been involved in policy development, advocacy, and human service innovation for over twenty years.  Before joining Sierra Health in August 2007, Chet was the director of the Alameda County Social Services Agency, with five departments, 2200 staff, and an operating budget of $600 million. He served as an associate director with the Rockefeller Foundation where he managed the employment and national policy center investments, and later the Rockefeller Foundation’s partnership with The California Endowment.  The Annie E. Casey Foundation (AECF) awarded Chet with a National Children and Family Leaders Fellowship for his work on family and community issues.  Chet also served as a program director with the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice in San Francisco, where he authored policy briefs on racial disparities within California and San Francisco’s criminal and juvenile justice systems, and founded a nationally recognized detention program alternative. Chet has served on many boards and commissions, including Alameda’s First Five Commission, United Way of the Bay Area, The Mentoring Center, and Youth UpRising.

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