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Chloe Pan

Executive Assistant

Chloe joined Valley Vision in 2018 as an Executive Assistant and is contributing to the Old Sacramento Historic District Partnerships and Epic Trail projects, as well as serving as an aide to the California Stewardship Network. Prior to joining the Valley Vision team, she focused on providing service within the medical community by volunteering with local hospitals in the NICU and in senior centers, while also working as a pharmacy technician.

Chloe graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2017 with a double B.A. in Global Studies and French, and has worked with several professors on research projects ranging from the Haitian diaspora to the informal urbanization of developing nations. She has also worked with the Feminist Studies department in conducting research on the perceptions of motherhood and fertility within the frameworks of ethnicity and sexuality.

A proud, first-generation Taiwanese American, she has come to understand first-hand the significance of cultural differences in the process of creating a more collaborative society.  These combined experiences have developed her passion for health equity in today’s global society and she is excited to participate in that work in the local community.

Chloe is a native to the Sacramento area and is happy to be back home after her time away in Southern California. She currently lives in Roseville and spends her free time painting or in bed with her cat.

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