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Emma Koefoed

Project Manager

Emma joined Valley Vision in 2017 as a Project Associate. Her skills will continue to support the staff across several strategy areas and provide new insight and perspectives to our team. Prior to coming to Valley Vision Emma worked in several non-profits including the Farmer Veteran Coalition where she traveled nationally to help educate veterans about post-secondary careers in farming and agriculture. She also spent time as an event planner for UC Davis’s Institute of Transportation Studies assisting with the production and coordination several high profile conferences, meetings, and other important proceedings.

While she started her undergrad career at San Francisco State University, she completed her education at the University of California Davis receiving a B.S in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems-the first new major to be added to UC Davis in over 50 years. Emma chose her academic career based on her passion for food, farming, and the roles she believes they play in the vitality and development of communities.

On her off time, Emma is a self-proclaimed “foodie” and loves to travel. She has a great love for cooking, eating and traveling in order to explore new cultures and cuisines. On more than one occasion she has been known to cross state lines just to find that one thing “you have to try”.

Emma recently moved off her family’s farm and is now enjoying living in Midtown, Sacramento. .

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