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Lucie-Anne Radimsky

Program Coordinator

Lucie-Anne Radimsky joined Valley Vision in 2017 as a consultant on the 21st Century Workforce strategy. She is supporting the implementation of the regional Workforce Action Plan that addresses workforce skills gaps for the region’s high-growth business clusters. Lucie-Anne’s work is primarily focused on the information and communications technology and manufacturing business clusters. She is helping to coordinate targeted strategies that help close the skills gaps, increase education and training resources, and grow the economic impact of high-yield business clusters for the Sacramento region.

A Sacramento native, Lucie-Anne returned to Sacramento after living in Paris for 15 years. Her career has spanned multiple cities and countries, whether working for a member of Congress, a trade association and think tank in Washington, DC, or cofounding a technology public relations firm in Paris, France. She is a natural connector and has been at the forefront of several initiatives where public-private partnerships were key to successful outcomes.

Lucie-Anne was accepted into the City Management Academy upon arriving in Sacramento, inspiring a deep interest in contributing to the region’s future. She recently joined the Board of Ambassadors for the American Cancer Society 2017 Gala where she is excited to exercise her leadership influence and make an impact for her community and people’s lives.

When she’s not in front of her computer, on the phone or at a meeting, Lucie-Anne loves to be outdoors exercising, cooking and discovering new areas. She is accompanied in life by a marvelous family, which includes her Brazilian husband and two boys.

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