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Co-Founder & Agency Administrator, Roberts Family Development Center

Tina Roberts is a respected community leader who has a proven track record of success administering community-based organizations. With more than 30 years of experience as administrator and program developer.  Her professional life has been committed to improving the living situations of children and families she comes in contact with.

Tina has received several awards on behalf of Roberts Family Development Center such as, Community Partners award from the Sacramento Bar Association, Blue Cross of California and  UC Davis Chancellor’s Achievement Award in 2007 for Diversity in the Community. In 2009 Tina along with her husband received the 2009 Robert T. Matsui Community Service Award and Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce Community Service Award for 2010.

She subsequently has been recognized for serving on the Sacramento Public Health Advisory Board, Mental Health Advisory Board, The UC Davis Health Disparity Advisor Board and the CA. State Department of Health Services’ Citizens Advisory Board.  She has served as a Board Member of Sacramento Enriches, which serves low-income families, Birthing Project USA, which provides services nationwide to assure healthy babies are being born in poor neighborhoods across the Country.  She was appointed by Sacramento County Board of Supervisor to be a member of a steering committee to address the issue of disproportionate African American Child Deaths in Sacramento. And is a Senior Fellow member of ALF (American Leadership Forum)

Tina is a graduate of California University in California, Pennsylvania with a degree in Special Education and Psychology.

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