Project: Sacramento Valley Manufacturing Initiative

The Sacramento Valley Manufacturing Initiative (SVMI) is a new industry-lead collaboration to build and sustain a robust manufacturing sector in the Sacramento region by informing and supporting education and training providers about the needs of the 21st century manufacturing workforce. SVMI’s efforts will help address the chronic shortage of qualified and skilled workers in the manufacturing industry.

what is the goal?

SVMI’s goal is to develop a skilled manufacturing workforce pipeline that addresses current technology manufacturing trends such as CNC machining, welding/fabrication, automation, and mechanical assembly. Organized by manufacturers for manufacturers, SVMI aims to make our region a great place to advance manufacturing and to manufacture great careers.

why is this important?

The manufacturing sector is alive and growing in the Sacramento region. The manufacturing sector today has a high economic impact on the region, offers great career opportunities, and requires a skilled workforce. A common challenge faced by manufacturers in growing their business is finding people with the skills required to make products and succeed in the workplace. The looming retirement of highly skilled manufacturing workers is increasing this challenge. By building a pipeline of skilled workers, manufacturers can reduce costs, improve productivity, and confidently plan for the growth of their businesses. Students and working-age adults can find well-paying jobs and opportunities for career growth with local manufacturers.

what is Valley Vision’s role?

Valley Vision is working with the leadership of SVMI to establish itself as an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) and is serving as fiscal agent. SVMI has an independent charter and elected board of directors.

The Sacramento Valley Manufacturing Initiative aligns with Valley Vision’s 21st Century Workforce strategy and regional system planning efforts underway with workforce innovation boards, community colleges, and other system partners.

how does this improve people’s lives?

The manufacturing industry offers rewarding careers that can be achieved with training and certifications that don’t require a four-year college degree. It’s often assumed that obtaining a college degree is the only path to success. However, careers in manufacturing, building, and the trades offer well-paying jobs and opportunity for advancement – both for those with and without 4-year degrees. All students, working-age adults, and career changers in need of employment opportunities with solid potential should be aware of these career paths. Career technical education programs offered at local high schools and community colleges can provide a pathway out of poverty for people in need of opportunity.

what is the desired impact?

The desired impact is to build a best in class, dynamic workforce pipeline of talented workers who are interested in and can fulfill the complex needs of 21st Centruy advanced manufacturing.


Manufacturers convened at forums held over the past two years, and began exploring the need to partner on workforce challenges in 2017. The Sacramento Valley Manufacturing Initiative was launched in 2018. SVMI is now accepting applications for general membership and participation on working committees for education, membership, business to business, and workforce development.

Our partners

California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC) and the regional workforce innovation boards are providing support for SVMI.

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