What is the goal?

To provide an easy-to-use website that provide individuals and organizations with one central location to find current, detailed information about which jobs are in high demand in the Sacramento region, how much they pay, what type of education or training is recommended, and where you can go to get it.

Why is this important?

Until Career GPS, there was no convenient tool that connected the 700 different job types that would be in high demand over the next decade in the metro area with the institutions that provide the specific training or course work to compete for them.  Now students, career counselors, teachers and administrators at area schools have all the information they need in one place:  Career GPS.

What is Valley Vision doing about it?

Career GPS was an outgrowth of the Partnership for Prosperity effort.  It featured a goal to create a 10-year occupational forecast with job counts by category, employment requirements, and salary ranges, that would later be linked with a searchable data base of all the education and job training provider programs available in six counties.  Valley Vision envisioned the solution with our partners, raised $110,000 in project funds, hired the Center for Strategic Economic Research to do the occupational forecast, and worked with technology partner Sky’s the Limit Interactive to design the Web interface.  Once complete, Valley Vision transitioned ownership of the Career GPS website to Next Ed and the Sacramento Employment & Training Agency (SETA), who has added to the tool and built education and workforce activities for area schools around it.


Valley Vision took on this project in 2008 and completed the work in 2009.


The creation of a powerful online tool that connects a 10-year jobs forecast with the training programs and providers available throughout the metro area.

A convenient and readily accessible resource for school guidance counselors and students wanting career advice and the steps needed to achieve it.

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