What is the goal?

To map all of the museums, art galleries, stadiums, bike trails, parks, and other civic spaces in the six county area, then hold community forums that invite the public’s vote on which type of civic amenity they want more of in the Capital Region.


Why is this important?

Civic amenities help define a region and make it special.  The civic spaces where we gather inspire us, connect us as a people, and make a huge difference to our quality of life.  They are also an important economic consideration.  We’ve crossed a threshold in history where people very rarely move cross town or cross county for a job.  Instead, people relocate to a new community they want to be part of for the amenities and advantages it provides them, then they seek out employment.  This is an especially powerful motivation of young people today – people who will dream up new medical or technological break-throughs, launch the next “Apple,” serve as scholars and teachers, and help us govern ourselves better.


What is Valley Vision doing about it?

Valley Vision worked with a number of important organizations including the Urban Land Institute, the American Institute of Architects, and many others to compile the first-ever directory of local and regional civic amenities, publishing the results.  Then we held a series of forums in communities across the region along with a traveling exhibit called “Experiences” that invited local citizens to weigh in on what civic amenities meant the most to them.  Today business and government leaders continue to meet and plan how to galvanize public support and win greater investment for new or expanded civic amenities here.



This project was conducted over 18 months between 2008 and 2009.



The Capital Region’s first-ever listing of all the civic amenities now built and those planned.

Thousands of people of gave their “say” on what civic amenities were most important to them.



The Urban Land Institute

The American Institute of Architects

The residents of the cities and counties of the Capital Region

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