What is the goal?

Valley Vision conducted the 2010 community health needs assessment on the behalf of the region’s nonprofit healthcare systems including Dignity Health, Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health, and UC Davis Medical Center. The goal of the 2010 community needs assessment (CNA) was to identify the unmet health needs of underrepresented residents in the Greater Sacramento area and to understand the challenges these populations face when trying to maintain and/or improve their health. The assessment also sought to understand where uninsured populations turned for their healthcare needs, and what was needed to help these populations maintain and/or improve their health.


Why is this important?

The health of our region is dependent on all residents having the necessary resources to maintain and improve their health. These include access to healthcare (including mental, dental, and vision care), health literacy, proper nutrition, and more. The nonprofit healthcare systems use the results of the Community Needs Assessment to determine where to best invest their community benefit resources to improve community health. Having quality information upon which to build their plans ensures their efforts reach the most vulnerable residents of our communities.


What is Valley Vision doing about it?

Valley Vision used a research design that included health data and statistics along with community outreach to identify our region’s most vulnerable residents, and the predominate healthcare needs of these community members.



The project covered a two year period, beginning in the fall of 2008 and concluding in late 2010.



  • Valley Vision completed the Community Needs Assessment report and made it widely available to the public

  • A website that contains the report as well as an interactive online tool to help interpret the results of the Community Needs Assessment



  • Dr. Heather Diaz, Associate Professor of Health Sciences, Sacramento State University
  • Dr. Mathew C. Schmidtlein, Assistant Professor of Geography, Sacramento State Univerity
  • Multiple community based organizations dedicated to community health supported the effort (for a resource directory see
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