What is the goal?

To assemble a community coalition to win a half-million dollar Centers for Disease Control Community Transformation Grant (CTG) that would provide resources to fight chronic health conditions in Sacramento County.

Why is this important?

Chronic health conditions make up roughly 75% of all health care costs. Sacramento County’s 1.4 million residents taken as a whole are moderately healthy. However, many communities and subgroups are experiencing disproportionately high rates of tobacco use and chronic diseases. Poverty, cultural barriers, expense of insurance and medical care, and limited access to healthy foods and opportunities for exercise are all factors that affect these communities. By securing the Community Transformation Grant for Sacramento County, these communities will receive funding to reduce health disparities and healthcare spending by working with residents and their families to promote healthy lifestyles.

What is Valley Vision doing about it?

The Sierra Health Foundation asked Valley Vision to lead a community-based effort to define and submit a competitive CTG application. By reaching out to stakeholders across Sacramento County, we were able to create a coalition of over 75 groups and individuals to participate in the application process. This coalition included community organizations, elected officials, businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and hospitals. This group eventually became the Healthy Sacramento Coalition and together submitted a winning application securing half a million dollars for capacity building efforts in Sacramento County. The three focus priority areas, as laid out by the grant, are tobacco-free living, active living and healthy eating, and prevention and control of high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  The grant provided $499,229 in the first year with opportunities for increased funding for an additional four years.



Valley Vision organized the application process and wrote the successful federal grant application from May to July 2011.


  • Successfully submitted winning Community Transformation Grant application to the CDC, made up of a 62-page narrative and over 55 letters of support from around the county.
  • Secured a five year funding commitment for Sacramento County to fight and prevent chronic disease and promote healthy living.
  • Created a coalition of over 75 key stakeholders that are still active today, as the Healthy Sacramento Coalition, under the leadership of the Sierra Health Foundation



  • Sierra Health Foundation
  • The Effort
  • Breathe California
  • Community Link
  • City of Sacramento
  • The California Endowment
  • Ubuntu Green
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Sacramento Native American Health Center
  • Sacramento Housing Alliance
  • Sacramento County
  • Alchemist Community Development Corporation
  • Health Education Council
  • UC Davis School of Medicine
  • Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD)
  • Sacramneto State University
  • Sutter Health
  • Capitol Community Health Network
  • Center for Civic Participation
  • Sac Cultural Hub Media Foundation
  • Soil Born Farms
  • Sacramento Housing Redevelopment Agency (SHRA)
  • Public Health Foundation Enterprises (PHFE)
  • UC Davis Health Center
  • WALK Sacramento
  • Center for Reducing Health Disparities
  • Dignity Health
  • Midtown Medical Center
  • Building Healthy Communities (BHC)
  • Slavic Assistance Center
  • Asian Resources
  • The SOL Project
  • The Center for Community Health and Well-Being (CCHWB)
  • Sacramento County Chronic Disease and Prevention
  • Departnemtn of Health and Human Services
  • Pharmacy Foundation of California
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