Project: MEDZONE

Economic development and neighborhood revitalization are long and difficult processes. Sustainable success requires integrated support in specific areas. In this way, WayUp Sacramento is driving change at a community level in Sacramento’s Oak Park neighborhood. Through comprehensive community-building, WayUp supports the health, welfare and rising and sustainable prosperity for children and families in the community.

MedZone is WayUp’s cornerstone workforce development and employment initiative that is forming the foundation of a Medical Innovation Zone (the “MedZone”) on Stockton Boulevard in close proximity to Sutter Health, the UC Davis Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente, and Dignity Health. MedZone holds potential of being a national model for the kind of community economic development that truly benefits all stakeholders.

What is the goal?

The goal is for MedZone to create a thriving local economy, an educated local workforce, and jobs for local residents.

Why is this important?

MedZone’s primary benefit will be the creation of jobs, including those for local residents. The initiative is a strategic tool for community economic development that will result in a vibrant and healthy neighborhood. MedZone is focused on promoting development of the health sector, providing jobs and internships for Oak Park residents and students.

WayUp Sacramento is a place-based initiative focused on the Oak Park community, a historically disadvantaged neighborhood now feeling the effects of gentrification. Through MedZone, WayUp seeks to expand employment opportunities for Oak Park, linked to workforce development efforts that provide viable employment options for current community residents.

How does this improve people’s lives?

WayUp, and all of its efforts including MedZone, exist to support the health, welfare and rising level of sustainable prosperity for current residents — children and families — in the Oak Park community. MedZone will emphasize community development, encouraging employers and employees to engage with the existing Oak Park business community and neighborhood, and will help to secure additional sources of funding to contribute to community and neighborhood priorities.

What is Valley Vision’s role?

Valley Vision helps advance the vision for MedZone and is contributing to the overall management of the project. Valley Vision will continue to provide project management, strategic development, and eventually operating support.

What is our desired impact?

MedZone and WayUp are focused on supporting meaningful improvements in quality of life for current residents in Oak Park, through multiple means, including better access to health care and healthy food, enhanced educational opportunities both in schools and workforce development, and greater economic security.


Valley Vision will support MedZone from development to launch through 2018.

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