What is the goal?

Ensuring access to jobs, schools, recreation, and critical services such as medical care, and grocery stores requires a transportation system that offers choice:  roads, transit, bikeways, and sidewalks. The 2035 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (known as the MTP) is our long-range transportation investment plan that accommodates growth while reducing traffic congestion, greenhouse gas emissions, and distances traveled between jobs and housing.

Why is this important?

By 2035, the region is expected to add 871,000 people. Public opinion surveys have shown that residents value living in the Sacramento region because of the access to big city amenities, retail and activities, a slower pace of life, small-town feeling in their communities, and the overall sense of community. Preserving that quality of life and preparing for the future needs of all the residents of our region is an important part of the work of the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (known as SACOG) and the completion of an updated MTP.

What is Valley Vision doing about it?

Valley Vision supported SACOG’s development of the long term regional transportation plan by conducting outreach to communities to ensure diverse perspectives were considered during the decision-making process. Public sector, private sector and community representatives from across the six-County region were engaged to consider alternative transportation and land use choices and help make the decisions to shape our future.


Valley Vision’s community outreach to support the MTP occurred in 2010.


The SACOG Board adopted the MTP at its April 19, 2012 meeting. This plan guides major transportation infrastructure investments in the Sacramento region.

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