What is the goal?

To improve access to healthcare for more vulnerable residents by strengthening the safety net system in the south Placer County area.

Why is this important?

After a pilot project in Sacramento County, Valley Vision was approached by Sutter and Kaiser Hospitals to work with the Placer Collaborative Network (PCN). The PCN wanted to strengthen the healthcare safety net in south Placer County. The safety net system exists to ensure that the most vulnerable residents of Placer County have access to healthcare and related services when needed. After initial research, 77 safety net organizations were identified in the area. By improving the working relationships of these identified organizations, we were able to increase access to healthcare for the under and uninsured residents of the area.

What is Valley Vision doing about it?

Valley Vision administered a ‘connectedness’ survey to the 77 healthcare safety net organizations to measure the depth and quality of their connections and how well the current system functioned. The survey identified areas where improved connectedness was needed. For example, only two respondents reported that they ‘regularly work with’ other organizations within the safety net. A second survey was administered to the group measuring “collaborative capacity.” ¬†Two meetings were held that assembled members of the south Placer County safety net system. In these meetings, Valley Vision reviewed the results of the surveys and conducted a visioning exercise to begin thinking about how the collaborative could work together more effectively.


This project started in September 2010 and ended in March 2011.


  • Successfully increased collaborative capacity of the south Placer County safety net. By conducting phone call evaluations, many organizations reported that their participation in this project increased their connectedness to the other organizations in the system, and increased their collaborative efforts with one another.
  • Authored two reports identifying next steps for improving the collaborative capacity and connectedness of the south Placer County safety net system.



  • Placer Collaborative Network (PCN)
  • Sutter Hospital
  • Kaiser Permanente
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