What is the goal?

To create and support a healthy food system by creating a coalition of public, private, and nonprofit stakeholders to inform and influence policy initiatives relevant to the regional food system in the Sacramento Region.


Why is this important?

Studies have shown health disparities in the region can be linked to socio-economic data at the zip code level. Food-related illnesses are on the rise across the country, including increases in type 2 diabetes among children and childhood obesity. Many low-income neighborhoods don’t have access to quality produce and many people don’t have the knowledge or skills to prepare what is available. Additionally, small rural and urban farms struggle because of lack of access to the larger food distribution system. These farms serve farmer’s markets and other neighborhood food access points as well as providing open space and educational opportunities for the region.


What is Valley Vision doing about it?

Valley Vision developed, facilitates and manages a regional coalition dedicated to increasing access to healthy food in all communities and supporting locally-serving agriculture. Through an initial food access study and project kick-off meeting, Valley Vision found that the most immediate stakeholder need was to network with others working on these issues. Valley Vision began addressing this need through facilitating quarterly meetings that provide educational and networking opportunities and developing a monthly newsletter that provides information about regional activities and work being done related to a local food system. Valley Vision is facilitating the FSC steering committee to build capacity and be a self-governing body.



The project began in 2009 and is currently funded through October 2013 with anticipated funding through April 2015.



  • Development of a food charter that is being adopted throughout the region.
  • Quarterly meetings focusing on education and advocacy with 35-60 participants
  • A monthly enewsletter with significant readership as seen by an “open” rate above the average
  • A hub that helps those working within the food system stay connected and work collaboratively



  • California Food Literacy Center
  • Community Alliance With Family Farmers (CAFF)
  • Green Restaurant Alliance of Sacramento (GRAS)
  • Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG)
  • Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services
  • Sacramento Hunger Coalition
  • Slow Food Sacramento
  • Soil Born Farms
  • Ubuntu Green
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