What is the goal?

Assembling a comprehensive inventory and detailed electronic maps showing the borders of all of the protected lands in the Sacramento region, including parks, outdoor recreation areas, natural landscapes and agricultural properties. These maps helped planners, builders and conservation organizations across six counties build a better understanding of existing protected lands and identify new ways to partner together to reach future goals.


Why is this important?

While many organizations had been working on permanently protecting the Sacramento region’s natural resources, outdoor recreation and agricultural landscapes for future generations, none had a thorough inventory what had been collectively accomplished. This lack of awareness hindered organizations from building connections across projects, county lines, and purposes. The act of building a shared map of existing protected lands brought organizations together and resulted in a resource that helped guide future land preservation efforts.


What is Valley Vision doing about it?

Valley Vision met with dozens of agencies and conservation organizations to explain the importance of having a shared map and gather data on the parcels of land they had already protected. This information was shared with partners at the Sacramento Area Council of Governments so they could upload all of the sites into an electronic GIS map of the region, spanning El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, Sutter, Yolo and Yuba Counties. Valley Vision brought all of the agencies and organizations working to protect lands together to make them aware of the new tool and how they could put it to use in the future.



Valley Vision worked on the Protected Lands Inventory in 2007 – 2008.



  • Development of a first-ever regional map of lands that were permanently protected for outdoor recreation and natural resource and agricultural preservation.
  • This helped launch the Rural Urban Connections Strategy, resulting in many additional planning tools to support communities and organizations focused on the vast rural landscapes surrounding Sacramento’s metropolitan area.



  • Breathe California Sacramento-Emigrant Trails
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • North State Building Industry Association
  • Sacramento Area Council of Governments
  • Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency
  • Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District
  • Sacramento Valley Conservancy
  • Sacramento County, Department of Regional Parks
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