What is the goal?

To make college more affordable for students in need by increasing awareness of locally available scholarships and making the scholarship application process more accessible and efficient.


Why is this important?

College is expensive. States have decreased the amount of money they are giving to colleges by 17.4% since 2007, with more decreases to come. Budget cuts, and other economic factors, have increased the cost of college attendance. A fact sheet from the University of California explains that as state support has declined, the students’ share of their education costs, net of financial aid, tripled, from 13 percent in 1990-91 to 41 percent in 2010-11. Budget cuts have also affected high school campuses, with many having to cut their college and career centers and even some of their counselors. High school students with dreams of going to college but with lacking resources are less likely to attend college without the financial support they need.


What is Valley Vision doing about it?

Valley Vision, with support from our partners, have created a user-friendly scholarship online tool ( for students, counselors and scholarship funders to collaborate and ensure high school students and counselors are aware of available local scholarship resources. The online portal functions as a searchable list of available scholarships to streamline the application process. Using technology, students, community members and scholarship funders can collaborate and ensure that the maximum amount of scholarship money is reaching students.

Valley Vision has partnered with high schools, colleges and universities in the Sacramento region to host a series of events and one-to-one mentoring sessions in high schools with the purpose of guiding students to the online database of funding opportunities and to support students through various stages of the scholarship application process.



Valley Vision began work on Scholarship Sacramento in July 2013, launching the web-based search tool at a scholarship support event at Luther Burbank High School in the fall of 2013. Scholarship Sacramento is expected to continue, with more events lined up, for the 2014-2015 school year.



  • Engagement of school guidance counselors and students in the project design
  • Research and data compilation
  • Collection of local scholarships for an online search tool
  • Launched the web-based search tool
  • Hosted a Scholarship Support Night event at Luther Burbank High School in January 2014
  • Hosted two Scholarship Support Day events at Luther Burbank High School and two events at Natomas High School in Spring 2014



  • AT&T
  • Closing the Gap
  • Pam and Kit Henderson
  • Luther Burbank High School
  • Valley High School
  • Grant Union High School
  • Hiram Johnson High School
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