Historically low-performing schools tend to have limited access to the technology and tools necessary for teachers and students to navigate and adapt to an increasingly digitized world. School2Home is an innovative statewide program that aims to close both the Achievement Gap and the Digital Divide by integrating computing and broadband technologies into teaching and learning at low-performing schools throughout California.

What is the goal?

The goal is to increase student achievement at Leataata Floyd Elementary School (LFE) and the adoption of broadband service by the school’s families. LFE is the first elementary school in the state to adopt the program.

Why is this important?

Integration of technology into classroom and home learning at an early age is essential for children to develop the digital literacy skills and confidence necessary for long-term success. Digital tools allow families to connect to services and resources that might not otherwise be accessible, including education and employment resources and health care information and services.

Leataata Floyd Elementary School is a historically low-performing school with 100% of students living in households that fall below the Federal Poverty Level. School2Home helps to provide the infrastructure and support services needed to increase both student achievement and family success, including laptops for every student to use in school and at home; enhanced teacher professional development and training on integration of technology into instruction; increased parent engagement and home access to high-speed Internet; and student Tech Expert Development.

How does this improve people’s lives?

The Digital Divide is a manifestation of the economic divide. School2Home addresses this gap by supporting school and community leaders, teachers, and parents working to improving educational performance for all students and ensuring that they have the essential workforce and life skills.

What is Valley Vision’s role?

As part of its Connected Community Initiative, Valley Vision is managing implementation of the School2Home pilot initiative at Leataata Floyd Elementary School, the first school in Sacramento in which the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) has invested. Valley Vision is working with the partners on strategies to close the Digital Divide within a larger anti-poverty strategy.

What is our desired impact?

To support student and family success on and off campus by providing access to the tools, knowledge and resources needed to become digitally literate; to improve quality of life within the LFE community; and to support LFE.


LFE received a 3 year school improvement grant which began its first year of implementation in the 2017-2018 school year. With this new school technology grant, Principal Eric Chapman plans to further expand the program over the coming years, hoping to eventually adapt the program to reach every child and family.

Our partners …

The California Emerging Technology Fund, Leataata Floyd Elementary School, Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD), the City of Sacramento, Sacramento County, , the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency (SHRA) and other community partners.

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