What is the goal?

To improve healthcare services provided to low-income and disadvantaged communities in the Sacramento Region by maximizing the services provided by the UC Davis Medical Center (UCDMC) Student Run Clinics.


Why is this important?

UCDMC has seven free clinics in the Sacramento region run by students – both medical students and undergraduates.  These Student Run Clinics are managed by volunteer physicians and run by students and operate on small budgets.  They provide a valuable service to the communities they serve – including immigrants, newly arrived refugees, and others who might not otherwise seek medical care. By working collaboratively, the clinics can help each other work more effectively and create an increased pool of knowledge.  The result is greatly improved service to individuals and families that rely on care from these clinics.


What is Valley Vision doing about it?

Through key informant interviews, Valley Vision assessed the current nature and connection of each clinic and its operating environment.  Then we conducted a series of focus groups to help the clinic leaders develop a shared vision for how the student run clinics could operate collaboratively.  An online survey tool was used to vet the results, and make final adjustments.



The Student-Run Clinics Project was conducted in 2010.



A deeper appreciation among the leadership of the UC Davis Health System and its clinic leaders of barriers and opportunities, and a roadmap to make improvements.



  • UC Davis Medical Center
  • Paul Hom Asian Clinic
  • Clinica Tepati
  • Imani Clinic
  • Shifa Community Clinic
  • Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic
  • Bayanihan Clinic
  • Willow Clinic
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