Region Rallies to Secure Clean Air Funding

If you’ve attended Cleaner Air Partnership (CAP) events or spoken with us since January 2018, you’re likely aware that the Sacramento region has not been getting its fair share of state Cap & Trade funds. A CAP Info Sheet about this is available here.

The CA Air Resources Board on Thursday, September 27th (Agenda Item 18-7-3) will consider designating South Sacramento-Florin as one of 10 communities statewide for air quality monitoring, positioning us favorably for clean transportation investments to mitigate pollution.

The Sac Metro Air District, in which this community is located, has a gameplan for ensuring that our region has a strong presence in favor of approving this community. A rockstar lineup of speakers has been assembled, including:

Click here to learn more about the 10 communities that are being considered under AB 617.
  • Senator Richard Pan
  • Assemblymember Kevin McCarty
  • Assemblymember Jim Cooper
  • Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg
  • Sacramento City Councilmember Larry Carr
  • Alberto Ayala; Sac Metro Air District
  • Amanda Blackwood; Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
  • John Lane; Teichert; Chair of Cleaner Air Partnership
  • Paul Lau, SMUD
  • Katie Cox; Breathe California Sacramento Region
  • Angelina Rahimi; Franklin Neighborhood Development Corporation
  • Meg Arnold; Valley Vision

We look forward to coming out strong in support of the Sacramento region, and to setting the stage for receiving an adequate share of Community Air Protection Program funding this year and into the future. This will help us deploy electric school buses, car share programs, clean mass transit, and more to protect the health and economic vitality of our region’s communities.

CAP has been building momentum for this decision since January by holding over 50 in-person meetings with elected officials and decision-makers in the Capitol as well as CA Air Resources Board members and staff. We have also held public events to communicate our progress and organized with local air quality advocates and community leaders.

Please note that the September 27-28 CARB Board meeting is public, and all are free to participate. If you have any questions, please email Adrian Rehn or call (916) 325-1630. Thank you!
Adrian Rehn is a Valley Vision Project Manager overseeing the Cleaner Air Partnership and Valley Vision’s online communications.
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